So you broke the internet. Why?

Tag : Alexandra Vincent

23 Jan 2017

Distant worlds

Understanding where you are

23 Jan 2017
21 Jan 2017
08 Nov 2015

Every little bit hurts

My love is strong for you. I’d do wrong for you.

07 Nov 2015

Familiar faces for the first time

I’m so glad that we met and finally got to work together

05 Nov 2015


Says there’s never enough time

05 Nov 2015

Brain damage

Threatened by shadows at night and exposed in the light

01 Nov 2015

Why do we paint with shadows

and why do we dream in metaphors?

01 Nov 2015


And they said Mary Ann killed herself, but I said “not a chance”

01 Nov 2015

Now I lay me down

By my stripes I am healed

27 Oct 2015
27 Oct 2015

Wax paper

When I was young I never needed anyone. Those days are gone