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Album Showcase 3

Album Showcase

  • It was Saturday night
    and there was a parking lot carnival nearby..
  • Come on in my kitchen
    There's 'bout to be raining outdoors
  • In 2007
    I made some pictures with this model
  • Nawlins
    The Big Easy, 24 JUN 2017
  • Shadow on the door
    In the sunlight you are always there, making the show that we are together,
  • Four from back then now
    featuring Alexandra Vincent
  • Jess and balloons
    So in the end we had more love than hate. Naturally... Love wins!
  • Glass of water, a pad..
    .. and a stool
  • The dance
    the soul speaks through movement
  • I put a spell on you
    Damn your eyes
  • Five twelve twenty sixteen
    Cloudy day in December. Nashville, Tennessee
  • In the garden
    Nan jaden an pa gen mil goud, ki pa fòs, se bote
  • Mòso de uit
    Featuring Ash Mooney-Soto
  • Il s’agit de mon testiment
    depuis si longtemps je vous ai aimés que vous êtes une partie de mon être with Ash Mooney-Soto
  • No es ninguna historia
    There is only now
  • Lo que me
    No quiero poner en una caja
  • Maddie de revisiter son premier
    Maddie with a slight return
  • The red door
    With Alexandra Vincent
  • Days like this..
    Momma said there'd be days like this.
  • Caprica Song
    Caprica Song came to me with a plan. I joined in as a willing accomplice. She made a believer out of me.
  • Some Saturday
    running around with Maddie
  • Red headed step-sister
    My first professional model Tanya and I became such good friends that we adopted her into my family. Thus she became my red headed step-sister.
  • The Backstage Project
    An artful celebration of the rear view
  • Two
    The second time out with Maddie
  • Red Rope
    The red rope series is an abstract representation of our struggle with our lives.
  • Sweet Surrender
    featuring model Sweet Surrender
  • The first time
    Maddie with her first ever photo session as a model
  • A girl like you
    and I never met a girl like you before
  • Ruby
    Flowers set featuring model Ruby Octroi