So you broke the internet. Why?

Jess and balloons

Another re-connect via Facebook.  I did a photo session with Jess several years back and had been out of touch with her since until recently on FB.  She expressed interest in doing more photos, so that’s what we’ve gotten ourselves into.  My first shoot of 2017.  Expect more from her as this year progresses.

“Love and Hate” was the theme behind this session.  I did a very poor job of showing that, but Jess was fully prepared perfectly dressed in theme colours.  The red represents love and the black represents hate.  We’re thinking that it was perfect karma for one of the black balloons to spontaneously burst without provocation during a break in shooting.  So in the end we had more love than hate. Naturally.

Love wins!

they say it's your birthday

celebrity balloon shoppe

Something tells me she's up to something good

I saw this lady

Simply beautiful

happy clinic

frankly at this moment

LOVE - hate


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