So you broke the internet. Why?

Album Showcase

Come on in my kitchen

Pictures from my favorite restaurant, Waffle House


Nashville PrideFest 2018

Nashville Pridefest 2018 30th Anniversary

It was Saturday night

The parking lot carnaval that Ash and I attended

In 2007

I made some pictures with this model


Street scenes from my afternoon in New Orleans

Shadow on the door

In the sunlight you are always there,

Four from back then now

I went back into my archives and found some snaps that never got developed, so I gave them life

Jess and balloons

"Love and Hate" was the theme behind this session.  I did a very poor job of showing that, but Jess was fully prepared perfectly dressed in theme colours. 

Glass of water, a pad..

once I had a makeshift studio

The dance

the soul speaks through movement.

I put a spell on you

Session with Katie May

Five twelve twenty sixteen

Cloudy day in December. Nashville, Tennessee

In the garden

Ash full in the garden

Mòso de uit

featuring Ash Mooney-Soto

Il s’agit de mon testiment

depuis si longtemps je vous ai aimés que vous êtes une partie de mon être vertical set featuring Ash Mooney-Soto

No es ninguna historia

There is only now featuring Ash Mooney-Soto

Lo que me

No quiero poner en una caja featuring Ash Mooney-Soto

Maddie de revisiter son premier

Maddie with a slight return

The red door

With Alexandra Vincent

Days like this..

Momma said there'd be days like this. Featuring model Alexandra Vincent.

Caprica Song

Caprica Song came to me with a plan. I joined in as a willing accomplice. She made a believer out of me.

Some Saturday

running around with Maddie

Red headed step-sister

My first professional model Tanya and I became such good friends that we adopted her into my family. Thus she became my red headed step-sister.

The Backstage Project

An artful celebration of the rear view


The second time out with Maddie

Red Rope

The red rope series is an abstract representation of our struggle with our lives. The red rope represents ones life and the models’ various poses with the rope reflect their interaction with their lives.

Sweet Surrender

featuring model Sweet Surrender

The first time

Maddie's very first photo session as a model

A girl like you

Four picture set featuring model Maddie, includes bonus video


featuring model Ruby Octroi